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Keystone Symposium 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended my presentation of The Challenges of Bisexual Representation at the 2018 Kilachand Honors College Keystone Symposium. It was a pleasure to share my project with you, and I hope that you learned something or were inspired by this presentation. (If you missed my presentation, you can download it here.)

I invite you to share this website with your family, friends, colleagues, students, professors, and anyone who may be interested in learning more about bisexual issues. My goal is to spread an awareness of the bi-erasure and biphobia that prevent many bisexuals from living full and healthy lives, and of the bias inherent in a monosexual society, throughout the United States and the world. Dismantling oppressive structures like biphobia is a group effort, but it begins with individuals like you, who are curious and willing to challenge your own biases. You can help to ignite the much-needed societal conversation about sexuality and to make a positive changes in the lives of bisexuals and other LGBTQ+ folk everywhere.

I would like to extend my thanks to the many people who supported me throughout this project, from the project pitch to the last-minute editing. Thanks to my brilliant and ever-optimistic advisor, Jennifer Row, for contributing so many ideas to this project and for always going above-and-beyond as an advisor; to my professor Keith Vincent for helping me to understand Foucault, Butler, and Sedgwick; to my Honors College professors Michel Anteby, Andrei Ruckenstein, and Catherine Caldwell-Harris, for each reassuring me of the significance of this project; and to the Kilachand Honors College for making this project possible. I would also like to thank Qian Mei for her website design expertise and for making work environments fun, and Nicole Rizzo for always listening to my problems and for inspiring me with her own amazing work. Finally, I would like to thank my girlfriend Micaela Allen for letting me write in her books, constantly supporting me, and keeping me sane.

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